Help! I Can’t Change My Website!

Confused?If you work through a designer to develop your website you might worry about making changes to your site.

Maybe you’ll want to add some new pages, tweak a color scheme, change the width of the site, update a page, or even add some new technology such as facebook or Google Maps.

This is completely normal. Web design isn’t a one off event – we know that websites need to grow and develop over time to be successful. It’s almost certain you’ll want to make some changes as your small business needs mature. You might add some new products, or change your logo or change the welcome message on your home page.

These means then that the service you receive from your website designer can’t be a one-off event either. This needs to be a long term relationship where you get the control over your site that you need.

There are some nice ways to do this right from the start. You might choose to use a simple content management system (CMS) which lets you add new pages yourself and also make changes easily to existing pages. WordPress is a good example of a CMS system. Many of these tools (especially wordpress) even let you change your website theme if you want the style or colors to look different.

Another valuable technique is to integrate a blog into your website. This lets you add posts whenever you like and you can write about any topic you want.

At infinite42 we only work on long term web partnerships with customers, so you’re sure to be able to get the website that you want and any changes that you desire in the future. Contact infinite42 now to learn more about how we do this.

Image: Flickr  CreativeCommons by JoshSemans

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