How to Add Google Analytics to your Blogger Blog

Google Analytics on Blogger

Blogger is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get blogging but one of its main problems for serious use has been the lack of any Analytics for measuring traffic and visitors. Well now there are two ways to get your Analytics info so you can start keeping tabs on who is visiting and what they are reading. One shows you stats from within the main Blogger cockpit and the other gives you a tracking code so you can link directly into your Google Analytics reports.

Analytics is especially important if you’ve integrated your Blogger blog into your own website, because it’s important to be able to see how visitors arrive at your blog and why and how they are clicking through to the pages of your main site.

So, on to the two alternatives:

1. To check out Blogger’s own Analytics page, find the Stats tab in the Settings page. You’ll see page views and traffic sources such as referring websites and search keywords used to find your blog. What you won’t see is detailed analysis of navigation, time on page, exit rates, etc. More importantly (in my opinion) you can’t see how readers are clicking through to your main website (if you have one)

2. You can now add your Google Analytics tracking codes to your Blogger blog. If you’ve integrated your blog into your main website, you can use the same tracking code and will now be able to see detailed Analytics for your blog and website combined. This is great because you’ll now be able to see how people read your blog posts and how they click through to your main website pages. Plus you get all the detailed analytics data that’s missing in alternative 1 above.

If I’ve convinced you that option 2 is worthwhile, there’s a nice tutorial here on adding Google Analytics to Blogger

Note it’s very wise to back up your blogger template. Also because you’ll be editing the template code itself, you’ll need to be careful of any layout designs you’ve created using the template designer.

Photo by brockvicky under the CreativeCommons license on Flickr

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