Stunning CSS Background Examples

CSS Backgrounds let you add background images to any HTML element in your web pages and so are a fantastic way to add stunning backdrops to your website. This post shows a selection of some of the cleverest and most inspiring uses of this technique across the web. I hope you’ll use it for ideas on your own website.

Oceanscape | CSS Zen Garden

CSS Backgrounds are exciting for a number of reasons. They are great for adding some intense style to your pages which stands out for your readers and increases their engagement with the pages. This is good for search engines too if you believe they measure how long your visitors spend on your website. If you ever have your website promoted somewhere as a thumbnail then the use of a memorable CSS Background will increase the chance of a visitor clicking through to your site. A good example of this is the new Google Instant Previews which display a snapshot of your site next to the search results.

Dead Metropolis

Viget Inspire

Withering Beauty | CSS Zen Garden

Legendary Aircraft

The examples above use the CSS Background technique for the main background of the site, but you can use the technique for any element – a good example is in styling list elements for navigation.

I’ll be updating this page occasionally as I find other inspiring sites so do drop me a line or leave a comment if you know a good one

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