Can You Feel the Difference?

You’ll notice some differences in the solutions that I offer here…

I Want You to be Successful

You should get the results that you deserve with your website.

When you work with me at infinite42 it’s not just a one-off event – it’s the start of a long term relationship where we work together to improve your website.

I measure my success on your success. I’ll put links to your stuff on my websites and show the world that you’ve been successful.

Less Technology, More Content

I use a zero-tech approach to web design which focuses more on inspiring ideas and high quality work. I’m not an internet marketer though.

I do know how to roll up my sleeves and install wordpress, adjust a CSS layout or debug a PHP problem.

Think of me as an accessible geek who’s thrown away the white coat and is now here to help you to make your website work.

It’s Not Just Theory

The techniques that I share with you are based on my real experience of building a number of websites and making them successful.

You’re benefiting from several years of trial and error and real experience. There are no false ideas here and no theory without the practice.

eBooks, Not Paper

Some of my solutions are presented as ebooks, which are much better than hard copy books.

You can download them right away. I keep them up-to-date (with free updates for life). You can click on the links and they are searchable.

Plus they are all backed up by a full email follow-up course and a 100% money back guarantee.