Mike Tarantino Quote

Dear Dr. Richard:

I’m a newbie when it comes to building websites, and frankly wouldn’t even attempt it if I could afford to have it done for me! That said, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your book, “WEBSITE STRESS TEST!” Inexperienced as I am, your book has made it clear that of the billion-plus websites out there, probably every one of them could be improved and made more effective using the techniques you describe.

I have no illusions about my website: it will never compare to those done professionally! However, I am positive that having read your book, and understood and applied the techniques you’ve detailed, my site will have a definite advantage over a lot of others, including many done professionally. One reason for that is that I think most people put their sites up and then sit back and do no more (as I would have done!). You’ve made it abundantly clear how important it is to improve my website by adding and/or changing content on a regular basis, among other things, and that is advice I am committed to follow.

Your easy-going style of writing, and the fact that even a dummy like me can understand and follow your instructions and advice, makes your book a “must have” for anyone serious about improving their web presence and the effectiveness of their sites (…in other words, practically everyone).

Please feel free to use my testimonial to help promote “WEBSITE STRESS TEST.”

- Mike Tarantino

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