Solutions for your Small Business Website

These solutions are designed to help you, a small online business owner, to get the results that you want from your website using the infinite42 Website System.

Whether it’s more visitors, higher PageRank, greater profits, more inquiries for your vacation rental or more sales on your ebook, you’ll find infinite42 offers some unique solutions.

The infinite42 Website System

infinite42 Website SystemThe Website System comes as guides which are available exclusively via this website.

1. Website Build: How to create a rock solid website within the infinite42 Website System

Your website build is part of the Engineering phase of the infinite42 Website System. The two main goals of this guide are (a) to show you how to include key SEO elements so your pages are picked up by search engines and (b) how to create web pages that function well for your readers.

Here’s what’s included:

  • How to plan and use your keywords in tags and page content
  • The right way to use HTML tags such as titles, descriptions, header and alt
  • Where and how to link out to external relevant websites
  • Building a sitemap
  • Implementing your website navigation
  • How to wire up your site so it’s ready for measurement
  • Glossary of terms used in the guide

2. Webpage Workbook

A straightforward plan of action that you can run through when you create a new web page. Use this workbook for every page you create and you’ll soon have a well built website that works within the infinite42 Website System

Contact infinite42 for details of how to get your copy

Custom Website for your Small Business

If you prefer your websites straight out of the box, contact me for details.

infinite42 Websites

We can include a range of features, according to your preferences, such as:

  • blog (e.g. wordpress)
  • email newsletter sign up
  • contact forms
  • links to social networks
  • site stats (e.g. Google Analytics)

Your new website will be built using the infinite42 Website System and as part of the package I can offer advice on using the system for SEO and linkbuilding, advertising with AdWords, blogging techniques or Google Analytics.

Prices vary according to the number of features added, number of pages, level of customization, etc.

Custom SEO Assessment for Your Website

This is a brand new service, tailored to the requirements of your online small business, and using the techniques in the infinite42 Website System.

We’ll discuss where you are trying to go with your site and agree a plan to address any issues you are facing.

The price of the custom service varies according to the scope of the work we’ll discuss.

Free Quick Website Check

Get a free consultation on your small business website using the infinite42 Website System. If you already have a site up and running, I’ll check the main areas such as SEO, contact forms, code, and navigation and provide you with a report. As part of the service, we can include a 1/2 hour phone consultation to discuss the results.

If you haven’t built your site yet, it’s time to start! Drop me a line with your ideas and we can chat about the best ways to implement them. Again, a 1/2 hour phone consultation is included.

Contact me at infinite42 for more details

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