infinite42 Website System – Engineering

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The engineering phase takes your blueprint and turns it into a living, breathing website out there on the internet. This includes writing, coding, validation, uploading and testing.

A key part of the infinite42 website system that will drive success for your website is the generation of unique, compelling content that attracts your niche of readers, keeps them busy on your site and has them returning again and again to read more. We’re talking here about creating content that is exactly what your customers are looking for, both in terms of words, keywords, images and active pages that engage and involve your readers. The infinite42 system takes the guesswork out of inventing this content and uses testing and analytics to drive and improve the success of your site. You designed the overall navigation through your site during the blueprint phase so during the engineering stage you’ll be implementing this navigation by building hyperlinks between your content pages.

Along with the content creation are a set of best practice rules that you should use for search engine optimization (SEO) and to guarantee a good experience for your visitors. These go hand in hand: good SEO gives your readers what they are looking for and helps to make sure search engines can find, index and rank your website. The SEO rules provide a guideline for how you write your HTML and CSS code, including best practices for using keywords and creating tags such as titles, keywords and descriptions

It’s important to maintain a consistent brand and theme throughout your site so that your pages look and feel the same. You will have started this back at the blueprint stage, but here you are creating the overall style of your website, including things such as fonts, colors and layout. The key to making this work is the use of templates and color palettes that are used on every page.

This is also the place to consider browser and device support. If you want your website to be successful then these days this means you’ll need to make it work across a huge range of browsers and devices – ranging from desktop computer with wide screens all the way to iPad and iPhones. The keys to making this work are the use of templates, CSS files and robust code that validates successfully.

The next key to engineering your website is to build it so that it is modular and maintainable. This makes it easy to change in the future as the needs of your business and its website develop over time. If you want to make major changes to the style, such as changing site colors or fonts, then designing a maintainable site from the ground up will save you a huge amount of work. The infinite42 website system does this through the use of CSS, include files and templates.

Once you’re done with the development of your site you’ll need to test it and launch it (not necessarily in that order). This means checking navigation, validating pages, looking for broken links, testing the contact form and verifying that your measurement system is online (more on measurement later).