infinite42 Website System – Measurement

In The infinite42 Website System for Small Business

Website measurement or analytics is a complex science but with an understanding of the main concepts you can really use these techniques to improve the success of your website. The infinite Website System makes use of analytics in every stage of the process.

There are many tools out there that can help you with website measurement and one of the best is Google Analytics. It’s powerful enough to show you a wide range of statistics, and it’s free!

A major factor in getting your measurement system working for you is to define the goals and KPIs of your website and then to link these in to the analytics system that you are using. You must be able to measure these factors so that you can see whether your website is leading your visitors towards them. Then you can answer questions such as:

“which websites are sending me the most valuable visitors?”

“which keywords is Google finding my website for?”

“what timezone do most of my readers live in?”

The answers to these and other questions can help you to shape your website to provide the best experience for your readers. It can help you to find areas that need improving, and to build on areas that are already working. This then loops back to the content phase where you’ll continually refine and create more pages on your website.

Above all, your analytics results give you a plan for developing and improving your website and takes the guesswork away.