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Is Your Twitter Stream Just an RSS Feed?

If you only ever use your twitter account to post links to your latest blog posts, then it’s really just an RSS feed. RSS works really well, so why use anything else? If however, you want to interact with customers, share articles from other sites and retweet other stuff, then Twitter becomes much more useful [...]


Stunning CSS Background Examples

CSS Backgrounds let you add background images to any HTML element in your web pages and so are a fantastic way to add stunning backdrops to your website. This post shows a selection of some of the cleverest and most inspiring uses of this technique across the web. I hope you’ll use it for ideas [...]


9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Tumblr

I like tumblr. It’s a fun site that works with chunks of interesting information that are quick to post and quicker to digest. It’s great for sharing short items that are related to your website and small business. Here’s a handy list of 9 ways to make the most of your time on tumblr. People [...]

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