9 Reasons to Design Your Own Vacation Rental Website

If you’re a vacation rental property owner and you want to get bookings for your site then it’s certainly wise to promote your place on the internet. But should you build your own website? Why bother to go to all the hassle of designing your own website, coding it, promoting it and supporting it?

Surely it’s easier and quicker to advertise on one of the vacation rental sites, or even to use one of the free listing services such as Google Base or Craig’s list? This is probably true, but what you want is results, and in this business that means visitors and bookings.

Here are nine reasons why your own site design will get you something a little better…

1. There’s too much competition so you need to do everything you can to improve your visibility on the internet. You simply can’t afford to miss out on your own site.

2. You can show your unique difference. Your property is uniquely different, right? You can use your site to highlight this, rather than fitting in with a bunch of other listings.

3. You’ll be more credible as a true online business with a brand, since you can choose your own logo, style and tagline.

4. Site tracking and analytics are way better. Actually they are probably non-existent on the free sites. Analytics allows you to make wise choices based on where your visitors come from, what they are looking for, and what leads them to a conversion.

5. Build as many pages as you want. Content is free (kind of) and there’s no restriction to a single page advert.

6. You get your own domain name. Good for branding (see above) plus you get to build your own Page Rank rather than contributing to someone else’s.

7. Choose your own conversion – whether it’s a contact form, advertising, newsletters, or a free brochure. You’re not restricted to a single form, and you’re free to build any combination of these to suit your website goals.

8. It’s stickier (I borrowed that term). In other words, you can layer more pages of useful information on your readers and take longer to convince them that you have a great place and offer unparalleled customer service. Compare this to a single page listing on a shared site where your competitors are just one click away…

9. Change your mind any time. Some listings sites only allow infrequent updates or may charge when you want to make a change. With your own site you can make adjustments and improvements any time.

One final thing. If you do decide to design your own vacation rental website, please don’t just buy a clone (unless you want to look like everyone else of course!)

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2 Responses to “9 Reasons to Design Your Own Vacation Rental Website”

  1. Good post Richard. I’ve been looking at several VR web sites recently some of which are pretty awful Front Page efforts that probably turn off the people who actually see them. Some are done on Word Press which is a great option for those who have few skills and can look really professional using the right template.

    Sticky is the term I like if you mean people stick around longer to read all the information you provide.

    I’m a great advocate of using a web site to support ads on listing sites – it gives owners the opportunity to show their own voice and personality which in turn creates a relationship with the prospective renter.

  2. Excellent post.

    The only thing I would add is that many customers will actively look for your site (searching google etc.) and would prefer to book with the “original source” than through a directory or agency so it is important to give them what they want.

    We are building a service – Bookster (only UK at present) – to allow self catering rentals to get live, real-time booking on their own website independent of any directory or agency.