Best Google Search Results is a Dead Concept

Mark Nunney wrote a useful post on how Google Local search results can end up pushing your regular search results down in the standard search results pages. It’s clear that local search is getting a lot more significant over at Google. Mark writes about some ways to fight back a little bit, such as:

  • target other keywords
  • make sure your Local listing shows prominently (and of course make sure you have one)
  • consider PPC

Thinking around this a bit as well, it’s also clear that the idea of a ‘best’ set of results for a particular searcher is now out-of-date. Google takes many factors into account when deciding how to display the search results that you see as a user, and your location is only one of them. There’s also your browsing history, your social circle and your activity on Google Reader to name just a few.

This makes it even more important to get into the heads of your customers when promoting your website. Where are they searching for you physically? Are they mobile? What social networking circles do they use? Where else do they read stuff? The closer you can align your activity on the web to these areas, the better you’ll do for those vital search results.

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