How to Integrate Your Blogger Blog with Your Website

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Blogger is a great place to start your blog as it’s so easy to set up and start blogging. Pretty soon though you might wish that your blog was integrated into your main website. This simple how-to guide shows you the steps to achieve this.

You might want to integrate your Blogger blog into your main website for a couple of reasons:

  • A consistent style including colors, brand, logo, name etc.
  • Readers can find all your writing under one domain
  • Readers feel like they are staying within the same site, whether they are reading regular site pages or blog posts

Here we’re going to look at a simple way to add your blog to a subdomain of your existing site. So if your site is called, your blog would appear at (note that this is just an example).

We’re assuming here that you’ve already got an existing website and domain name set up.

There are 6 steps to take.

1. The first step is to make a change to your DNS settings. These settings tell servers on the internet where to find your website and here we’ll be telling them that they can find your blog over at Google. Change your CNAME to point to the new address, which is – there are different ways to do this according to your website host, so check out this list of instructions. If you can’t find your host here, contact them directly and they will help you out

2. Now you’ll need to change your publishing settings on Blogger. Open up your Blogger admin page and head over to Settings:

Blogger settings

…then Publishing:

Blogger publishing link
3. Click on ‘custom domain’:

Blogger choose custom domain

4. You’ll see a message pop up saying ‘buy a domain for your blog’ – you don’t want this so click on ‘switch to advanced settings’

5. You’re now on advanced settings – go ahead and fill out your domain name (that’s – remember?):

Blogger advanced settings

6. Click save and you’re done!

It may take a day or two for the new settings to take effect. If it doesn’t work right away, wait a while before checking your settings or contacting your host.

When it’s all set up and working, you’ll be able to head over to and see your blog! Depending on the blog theme you’ve chosen, you might now want to start tweaking and customizing your blog so it fits in with the style of your existing website. This is a wise move since it helps to give a consistent look to both your blog and your main site. Check out the Blogger layout guide for details on how to do this.

Techie Notes

This how-to guide only applies if you are setting up a subdomain for your blog. If you’re making your blog address (often called a ‘naked’ domain), you’ll also need to set your ‘A’ NAME. Check out this guide for details.

If you choose to buy your domain name through Blogger, they will sort out all your DNS settings and make the switch to your new domain for you automatically.

The old method for integrating your Blogger blog into a website used FTP transfer. This new technique is nice because your blog remains hosted by Google and you don’t have to worry about moving your content over.