infinite42 Floorplan Beta

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A floorplan from infinite42 gives you a unique way to share the layout and images of your vacation rental property with your customers.

infinite42 Floorplans for Vacation Rentals

Floorplans are interactive – just click on a room to see a photo. You can share the picture with friends on facebook or twitter or even email the picture direct to a customer.

This is one of the best ways to promote and share your wonderful home with guests, and they will remember you too.

Building a floorplan is easy. Just provide your photos and a sketch of the property and I’ll take it from there.

Floorplans can be customized and integrated direct into your website, matching the colour scheme and the layout. There’s a plugin for wordpress users, and you can even get a site built direct out of the box that includes your floorplan.

If you’ve ever struggled with building an attractive image gallery for your home, this might just save you a few headaches. The floorplan is built with simple, clean HTML code which drops direct into your site and is even great for SEO.

If you’re into measuring your site, I’ll integrate your floorplan with Google Analytics so you can see which rooms are the most popular, and which ones get shared and emailed the most.

infinite42 floorplans are currently in a beta program and there are still spaces left for a few customers who want a low cost floorplan in return for a little feedback.

Contact infinite42 to get started with your floorplan