The infinite42 Website System for Small Business

The infinite42 Website System provides a unique and structured way to build a successful website for your small business. It’s designed for you as a small business owner because

(a) you are short on time

(b) you’re busy with marketing, sales, management and accounting for your business but also need to spend some time on your website

(c) you may not have a huge budget to spend on your site

(d) you can’t afford to waste too much time exploring the countless different options that you have with web design

This system tackles all of these problems by providing a structured, proven set of methods that you can apply to deliver consistent success with your website.

When you work with infinite42 we’ll use the Website System as a framework for coaching, support and the development of your website. Check out the solutions page for details. If you want to tackle parts of the system yourself, there are guides to help you there too.

The infinite42 Website System is made up of 4 main components: Blueprint, Engineering, Promotion and Measurement.





Each of the four components is a fundamental part of the system and they work together to give you a successful website. For example, the engineering component is built on sound design and planning from the blueprint.