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You can have the most amazing website ever but without promotion you’ll never attract any visitors. Here we are talking about linkbuilding, social networking, forums, email marketing and pay per click advertising.

Linkbuilding is the process of adding links from high value, relevant websites back to your own site. These provide paths for readers to find your content and are a vital part of getting your site indexed and ranked by search engines. Linkbuilding is one of the many dark arts of SEO and can be very confusing and time consuming with the danger of getting very little benefit. The infinite42 system uses tried and trusted techniques for getting the best value links, checking the results from these and then continuously improving these results.

The key to using social networking successfully is to define what you want to achieve and then use each of the various sites (facebook, twitter, linkedin , etc) in their own unique way to build interest in your website and product. There are two major pitfalls with social networking – focusing too much on your number of friends/followers and expecting instant traffic and success from your tweets. The infinite42 system instead teaches you how to build a following of relevant people who are interested in you, plus how to test and adapt your activity to get the most out of your networking time. Forums are other excellent places to hang around but you can also suffer from the similar temptation of expecting instant traffic and sales! You’ll find that relevance is super-important here too and there are some tricks you can use to make sure you are posting and interacting with forums of people who are truly interested in what you have to say.

Email marketing is an amazingly effective way to reach out to a group of subscribers to keep them informed of offers, new information, company activities or new products. It uses mass email delivery technology to deliver your messages direct to the inboxes of your readers and has shown to be one of the most effective ways to market your website. The key to successful email marketing is to build a highly relevant list of subscribers since this will increase your response rates and decrease the chances of being branded a spammer. Again, testing is vital here and the infinite42 website system uses key metrics such as open and click through rates to determine how successful your campaign is.

A final, very effective way to reach people is through pay-per-click advertising, such as Google AdWords. AdWords uses a bidding system where you set your limit for the placement of ads according to keyword searches or other websites. If you’ve ever used this you’ll know that the major risk here is emptying your wallet! The trick here is to work within a narrow niche of keywords, define what you want your ad to achieve, test and then test again.